Case study 1

Trade monitoring company

Business problem: analysis division lacking business intelligence tool which would allow them to determine real people-company connections and would be cheaper than employing private investigation services Solution: we built and implemented a customized data platform with a user-friendly interface usefully depicting people-company connections with interactive graphics. Switching between particular business reports takes less than a second. In this way, unlocking potential conflicts of interests is fully automated.

Case study 2

Business news website

Business problem: gain an advantage over the competition and product improvement Solution: we helped to identify a new source of income a custom made business information platform. Since we delivered it, our customer’s users have been able to buy business reports of companies they’re reading about. To strengthen the willingness to buy reports, our team supplied a business news website with a special widget that shows basic company information and encourages readers to buy a report directly from the article. Even though our white label product was rebranded, we still host it and ensure it is correctly functioning.

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