Case study 1

B2B software company

Business problem: slow customer registration process and low data quality on existing customers Solution: with the help of our API, corporate users don’t have to enter all necessary registration information in 12 fields. They can just enter the VAT number and the data autocompletes itself in CRM. We aggregate data in real time so it is always fresh. This allows us to transfer the data via API directly to our client CRM assuring validity and quality.

Case study 2

Local government organisational unit

Business problem: the need to have more efficient corporate governance control and to reduce the time spent by the control team on everyday changes on the board and structure of subsidiary companies Solution: fortunately our client knew there had to be a better way than spending countless hours gathering information manually. Current and historical engagement of key people in other companies, personal-financial connections, unexpected address changes or in-depth info - we designed a data API which combines all that information on one straightforward screen. Access to subsidiary companies reports via API gives the control team quick answer to potential conflicts of interests. What is more, thanks to automated alerts, controllers don’t have to actively check outside websites to make sure every registration change is being noticed - the information comes straight to them.

Case study 3

Construction company

Business problem: significantly increase the security of tenders and purchases Solution: the interface designed by our team of experts turned out to be a real game changer. We managed to provide a precise company monitoring tool incorporating crucial data such as commitments of directors, shareholders and subsidiaries in competitors firms, bankruptcy filings and credit inquiries. In addition we even found a way to monitor potential conflicts of interest of employees - their business connections and past activity in other companies.

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