Case study 1

Consulting company

Business problem: very specific target audience - companies awarded a minimum of three European Union grants with a totalling under 100 000 PLN Solution: at the end of each quarter we provide our customer with a database that meets those distinctive criteria. The customized B2B leads database consists of data records like company registration and contact information, names of key people and comprehensive grant’ history. The result was nothing short of fantastic - the number of closed deals tripled.

Case study 2

Telecommunications solutions provider

Business problem: low efficiency of the B2B sales department due to out of date, inaccurate, gap-filled B2B database Solution: this is a classic example showing that only error-free leads allow salesmen to make proper offers that will increase company’s revenues. When we received the customer’s database we began the collective hygiene process. We cross-checked all the existing data records with real-time data and cleaned errors like out-of-date or improperly formatted content. Then we filled it in with valid VAT numbers, phone numbers and addresses. In addition, we enriched all the company profiles with missing financial and credit information.

Case study 3

Accounting company

Business problem: stiff competition winning new prospective customers Solution: we ensure our client are the first to know about a new companies in the market so they can reach them before the competition does. We regularly prepare and send a customized database of newly-opened businesses. It includes contact information, the date of the company’s founding, PKD (Polish Classification of Activities), key people and their connections in other companies.

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