Case study 1

Financial institution

Business problem: the need to accelerate interior processes by getting a very specific form of their business reports Solution: we shortened the length of the traditional business report to minimize the time spent on key identification. We cut out the redundant sections leaving only the crucial information: indebtedness, payment history, key people and their connections in other companies with analysis of associated financial risk and of course contact information. We also added two exclusive fields - valuation of the rating agency and credit information. In the end, our customer received business reports that really filled their knowledge loophole.

Case study 2

Multinational consulting & advisory company

Business problem: fund assets rating process which was too slow due to the lack of complete business information delivered both in Polish and English so that international staff could cooperate Solution: we expanded their basic business reports to include information about tenders and certified transcripts of public documents and automatically translated them into English. We have an ongoing relationship with this customer to continuously support their business activities.

Case study 3

FMCG importer

Business problem: necessity to assure the company’s tax safety by due diligence Solution: we aggregated detailed information about new contractors from Great Britain indicated by our customer and translated processed information into two languages, Polish and English.

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