Case study 1

Venture capital group

Business problem: the need to make key decisions faster and to monitor its investments without spending extra time Solution: Prześ fully meets the company’s expectations because it’s an online platform available 24h. Our customer doesn’t have to order and wait for business reports anymore as they can be generated on demand. What they value the most is the ability to check both enterprises and entrepreneurs. Business history, personal engagement in previous and current companies as well as credit and debt info. Tracking changes in board of directors membership or new registration info doesn’t require any user activity. Users of Prześ receive email notifications each time anything changes in the monitored companies.

Case study 2

Collection agency

Business problem: low efficiency of debt collectors Solution: thanks to our innovative CEIDG-KRS (National Central Registry-Company Registry) search engine, our client gains instant insight into the entire range of chosen debtor’s business activity. Finally they are able to check what other companies belong to the debtor and have access to their addresses and bank account information. Moreover, they can easily verify the real key people involved in the indebted enterprises.

Case study 3

Insurance company

Business problem: lack of time and people to make prompt, informed decisions Solution: Prześ gathers exhaustive data from more public sources than any other online tool available in Poland - KRS (National Court Register), CEIDG (Company Registry), GUS (Central Statistical Office), PARP (Polish Agency For Enterprise Development ), KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority), WHOIS, UZP (Public Procurement Authority), KRD (National Register Of Debts), Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy (Court And Economic Gazette), Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów (The Office Of Competition And Consumer Protection), Główny Inspektorat Ochrony Środowiska (Environmental Protection Inspectorate), Urząd Regulacji Energetyki (Energy Regulatory Office), private exchange debts and more. Insurance company employees no longer have to manually investigate each source separately. They just log into the platform and a complete picture is generated in a single click.

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