API Business Report

Comprehensive data about Polish companies from many sources

Business reports on Polish companies from Transparent Data will allow your organization to avoid the risk of cooperating with any company from Poland. Thanks to the API, you will receive insight into the most important data and licenses verified and confirmed with the current state of main Polish business registers. Use them in your KYC KYB compliance process exactly as you need - as JSON data feeding your own decision-making engine or a ready-to-download PDF commercial report.

Document the reliable execution of the KYC KYB risk assessment procedure with business reports

The most important advantage of Transparent Data's business reports is the collection of key company information from the most important registry sources in Poland. Thanks to this, your risk assessment, sales or purchasing department does not waste time searching for data - it can focus on a more important task, i.e. analyzing information and making decisions about cooperation.

API Business report on Polish company is a modern KYC KYB product thanks to which you can gain automated B2B verification. We have put into this document a decade of experience as a provider of company information, carefully selecting data sources.

API Business reports on Polish companies is an investment in digitalization and security

Access to company data from Poland via application programming interfaces (API) significantly speeds up processes and relieves the workload of KYC KYB compliance departments. Employees do not have to waste their time searching for contractor information on various registry websites or wait until a given business registry allows them to inquire about another company. API Business Report is a future-proof solution for companies providing loans, credits and leasing that want to introduce savings and increase the efficiency of procedures.

Each of Transparent Data's business APIs returns company data, even when Polish business registers are temporarily unavailable. By choosing our offer, you ensure business continuity. We provide an SLA of 99%.

Data sources of our business reports on Polish companies

Here is the list of business data sources from which we obtain data for reports:

  • CEIDG (the Central Registration and Information on Business Poland)
  • KRS (the National Court Register Poland)
  • REGON (the register maintained by the Central Statistical Office of Poland GUS)
  • CRBR (the Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners Poland)
  • Krajowy Rejestr Domen (National Domain Registry Poland)
  • PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development)
  • Lista ostrzeżeń KNF (List of the Polish Financial Supervision warnings)
  • Publiczne giełdy długów (Public debt exchanges)
  • UOKiK (the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection Poland)
  • UZP (The Public Procurement Office Poland)
  • Wykaz Podatników VAT Biała Lista (List of VAT Taxpayers Poland, the White List)

What company information does the Transparent Data API Business Report return?

Data returned in this API with business reports about Polish companies is, among others:

  • Registry data from KRS and CEIDG business registers
  • PKD business classification codes from REGON
  • Key people on the board
  • Personal and capital connections with a list of subsidiaries, analysis of the company's environment
  • Ultimate beneficial owner
  • Last three financial statements
  • History of changes in KRS
  • Historical excerpts from KRS
  • Contact details
  • Internet domains
  • Other entities registered at the same address
  • Company data from the White List
  • URE decisions
  • Decisions of UOKiK
  • Debts / arrears

Two business report formats, JSON and PDF, so that your organization can fully use the potential of company data

You can download Polish company information presented in the business report in JSON or PDF format. This way, your organization can use the API both as an additional data source for its own database, scoring application or decision engine, and to download ready-made commercial reports directly to computer folders.

Complement this business report on Polish company with the second one from our offer: shorter Risk assessment report

This extensive trade report on Polish companies is not the only one in the offer of Transparent Data. We have also created a complementary Risk assessment report. This second report does not contain historical business data and is not as comprehensive, but it has a great advantage: it quickly answers the most important questions for credit risk managers, constituting a concise pill of information for KYC KYB. It includes, among others: a summary of the company's last three financial statements and information about the result of the management board's verification on the sanctions lists and in terms of being a Polish PEP.

A comprehensive, several dozen-page business report on Polish company with the history of the National Court Register KRS and licenses + a short risk assessment report, allowing you to make a YES or NO decision regarding cooperation in a minute, complement each other perfectly.

Verify your Polish contractor with API Business Report

You can test our Business Report API and check the validity and comprehensiveness of the data provided on a specific sample of Polish companies. This reliable documentation of thoroughly performed B2B contractor verification procedures will speed up credit and sales decisions. We will provide a report on each company registered in the National Court Register KRS or CEIDG - it is impossible that a business entity will be missing from our database.

See for yourself the value of Transparent Data's business reports