Financial statements in Data Integrator

Current financial documents of Polish companies

The Financial statements module in Data Integrator allows you to download current unified financial data and original KRS financial documents submitted by Polish companies at any time. This professional tool for accounting, purchasing and KYC KYB compliance departments ensures business continuity even when the eKRS register is temporarily unavailable.

Download financial statements of Polish companies with Data Integrator

Financial statements are reliable sources of data on the financial condition of Polish enterprises. They are being analysed not only by large organizations, but also by smaller companies that want to assess the risk of cooperation with new contractors from Poland.

Sometimes financial statements of companies are not available in Polish KRS National Court Register due to search limits imposed on users. As a result, a manual downloading financial statements of one company may take a long time because there must be spaces between searches. This is a big problem for KYC KYB departments.

Company financial statements submitted to Polish electronic KRS, available for download whenever needed, are a necessity in the business world. The problem of lack of quick access to it is solved by Data Integrator tool.

Details of company financial statements module

In the Financial statements module, you can download unlimited financial reports submitted by all business entities in Poland subject to this obligation. Data Integrator allows you to check current and several-year-old financial data and make risk management in your company easier. They are consistent with the current state of Polish KRS electronic register.

What Polish company financial statements can be downloaded via Data Integrator?

In Data Integrator you can download financial reports for any year. You can choose from three types of documents:

  • Original financial documents from the National Court Register submitted with the report (documents in PDF, DOC and TXT formats)
  • Original financial statement (EXCEL file)
  • Unified financial data (in EXCEL file)

On the Data Integrator data platform, you have access to financial data of Polish companies, including all available original financial documents from the National Court Register KRS. You can download them as a zip archive with financial statements in XLSX, DOC, PDF, TXT formats along with any additional documents in the format in which the entity submitted them to the KRS. Examples of additional financial documents from the National Court Register include the opinion of a certified auditor, reports on the activities of the capital group or reports on the activities of the parent company.

Unified financial statements of companies - easier for KYC KYB compliance departments

Company financial statements module in Data Integrator responds to the needs of KYC KYB compliance departments, whose employees have to spend a lot of time manually searching the eKRS database for financial reports and then formatting them into a form that facilitates quick comparison and analysis of data.

Thanks to Data Integrator, you will download unified consolidated financial statements of Polish companies in which you will receive data in a clear table in Excel. This will make the analysis of financial data faster and easier.

The Data Integrator data platform allows you to specify the type of document you are searching for (original report, consolidated report or additional documents submitted with the financial statement) and download only those documents that are actually needed without undue delay.

Independent and permanent access to financial documents from Polish Court National Register

All private Polish companies and business entities that maintain full accounting must submit financial statements electronically to the National Court Register of Poland (KRS) after the end of the financial year. This does not mean, however, that financial reports are always available in a format that allows for quick reading or efficient analysis of financial data.

Our technology company Transparent Data aggregates all financial statements available in eKRS and makes them available for download on the Data Integrator business data platform. You can download financial documents in XML, PDF or EXCEL format, depending on your current needs.

Try the Financial statements module in Data Integrator

Unified financial data, original financial statements and additional documents that the Polish company submitted to eKRS - all this is at your fingertips on our data platform. We provide 24/7 access to financial documents of Polish companies. Check the company in Data Integrator - ask about the platform and test access to financial data aggregated from eKRS.