Business Registers 360

Full databases of KRS, CEIDG, REGON, CRBR & the White List

Here is a completely new product on the economic information market in Poland prepared for companies with their own data repository and data management division. It consists in regularly providing an up-to-date database containing absolutely the entire KRS, CEIDG, REGON, CRBR and the White List. Thus, your organization gains a comprehensive, holistic input to its own system from the 5 most important Polish business registers. Effective data analysis, automation of business processes and maintaining high-quality records in accordance with the most demanding compliance policy are finally becoming possible.

These databases are 1:1 replicas of Polish business registers

The Business Registers 360 product includes full databases of 5 key sources of economic information for business in Poland:

  • National Court Register KRS
  • CEIDG register
  • REGON database
  • CRBR register
  • White List of VAT Taxpayers

Your data repository receives all current records from the original data source.

Regular update weekly or daily

This is not a one-off excerpt from the KRS, CEIDG, REGON, CRBR or VAT Taxpayers databases. We provide replicas of business registers updated with new economic information on a regular basis during the term of the contract. You download it when you need it.

Compliant database delivery method

ZIP packages with CSV and JSON files are placed on the server indicated by the Customer. Due to the fact that the entire Polish business register is transmitted each time, full confidentiality of the client portfolio is maintained. There is no way to see who you verify or how often.

Business and IT goals can be achieved faster

Thanks to the fact that the registry databases will be provided to you by a professional RegTech company from Poland with over a decade of experience, you do not need 4-5 of your own programmers to acquire data. They can focus on key tasks - process automation based on this data.

Company information databases of National Court Register of Poland, CEIDG, REGON, UBO Register and White List for data management departments, in accordance with compliance

360° access to key business registers of Poland + no rising costs when scaling the use

As the name suggests, Busines Registers 360 are fully replicated complete records. Each time you get an updated database of entire Polish official business registers, all five. In the case of CEIDG, REGON, CRBR, White List, these are all registration company data, in the case of KRS, data from full excerpts of the National Court Register of Poland.

This way, a full database of what Polish business registers contain appears in your data repository:

  • KRS register (National Court Register of Poland)
  • CEIDG Register (Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity)
  • REGON database (National Official Register of National Economy Entities)
  • CRBR Register (Central Register of Ulitmate Beneficial Owners in Poland)
  • White List (List of VAT Taxpayers)

The use of company data from commercial registers is versatile. Here are some examples of what the Business Registers 360 can bring to the work of individual company departments:

  • Risk assessment department: broader scoring, additional data for your own decision engine, creating your own risk assessment reports, automation of KYC KYB contractor verification processes and automation of new customer onboarding
  • Analysis department: industry business reports determining the size of the Polish market
  • Sales department: B2B database containing leads of Polish companies filtered by SIC/NACE and addresses, including data on new companies; lead scoring applications
  • Purchasing department: identification of potential conflicts of interest, optimization of the costs of cooperation with suppliers, i.e. extracting comparable entities from the database from the National Court Register of Poland, CEIDG and REGON
  • Finance department: automation of the VAT contractor verification process (White List, KRS, CEIDG), minimizing the risk of losing the right to VAT deductions
  • Data management/data warehouse department: clean, qualitative, always up-to-date database of business records

It is our data software house that takes care of regular updates and solving any problems on the side of data sources (e.g. security or format changes). Thus, your IT department gains a chance to:

  • Remove bottlenecks
  • Be able to focus on really key tasks, such as adding new functionalities, creating web and mobile applications, automating business processes or maintaining infrastructure
  • No more worries about the lack of specialized data software RegTech skills and the need to expand the team despite the lack of professionals on the labor market
  • Respond faster to new and changing business needs

How will the entire enterprise benefit from databases included in Polish Business Registers 360?

  • 5x lower cost than obtaining in-house register databases with your own IT department
  • No rising costs when scaling company data usage (i.e. fixed price despite increasing data usage in the future). The digital transformation of your company becomes fully profitable
  • Maintaining full confidentiality of the client portfolio, in accordance with the most restrictive compliance
  • Possibility to modify, extend and automate existing processes to reduce costs
  • More effective data management or a chance to finally implement them in the organization and have a high-quality, clean database
  • More accurate market analyzes and scoring, faster access to VAS services

Get access to databases of company information in Poland by credible business registers

Business Registers 360 databases provide unlimited access to the most important company information about business entities in Poland. How you use this economic data in your internal processes remains within your company. In terms of security and confidentiality, this product meets the strictest requirements of compliance procedures.

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