White List in Data Integrator

Verification of the Polish VAT contractor

The White List module in Data Integrator is a tool for accounting and KYC KYB compliance departments. It allows you to mass check the affiliation of bank accounts of Polish companies to their NIP numbers and the correctness of transaction data in accordance with the principles of due diligence. Here you can also check the VAT status of a Polish contractor for a given day and the jurisdiction of the tax office.

A tool thanks to which the White List (Biała Lista) can be checked for up to 15,000 times in 1 hour

Verification of the VAT contractor from Poland in the White List of bank accounts (Polish: Biała Lista) allows you to protect the company against losing the right to deduct VAT and avoid the need to bear joint and several liability for the seller's VAT arrears. However, for large and medium-sized companies, manually checking each client on the White List is a Sisyphean task that lacks time and human resources.

The solution to this problem is the White List module in the Data Integrator tool. It is an online data platform that aggregates various information on Polish companies. One of its data sources is the White List. Importantly, the White List module works without the limit set by the official government API Biała Lista - thanks to our solution you do not have to worry about the limit of 300 searches per hour. In Data Integrator you can check up to 15,000 entities per hour. What's more, you can do it en masse with just one click.

White List of bank accounts, NIP and tax numbers of Polish companies - details

Using the Data Integrator, you can verify company data in the White List in several ways:

  • Confirm the affiliation of bank accounts and NIP numbers (tax identification numbers) of Polish companies (verification of compliance of VAT contractor data)
  • Ask about bank accounts by NIP number (what account is on the White List?)
  • Ask for the NIP number after the account number (which company has this account?)
  • Check the address of the tax office by NIP
  • Verify the company's VAT status (current and historical as of the selected date)

You can, for example, import a CSV file with any number of pairs of NIP numbers and bank accounts to check thousands of your contractors automatically on a mass scale.

What is the return on investment from such process automation with the White List module in Data Integrator?

  • Thanks to the possibility of mass verification of compliance of NIP numbers and bank accounts on the White List, you will speed up the execution of current transactions.
  • You can gain more control over the process of applying for reliefs that will allow you to recover VAT on unpaid invoices on time.
  • One of our data software house clients managed to collect up to PLN 750,000. PLN per year for this reason.

Why is verification of the Polish VAT contractor with the White List module profitable?

The White List module on the Data Integrator data platform supports the automation of company and contractor verification processes. This useful RegTech tool helps you stick to the rules of VAT due diligence, so KYC KYB compliance and accounting departments will benefit the most from it.

The White List module enables quick collection of documentation and completely eliminates the need for manual verification of Polish companies in the List of VAT Taxpayers of the Ministry of Finance of Poland. It also makes it easier to obtain the address of the appropriate Tax Office. The Data Integrator data platform allows for wise risk management.

Automation of processes in the accounting department thanks to the White List (Biała Lista)

How to protect yourself from sanctions and not lose the right to deduct VAT, but do it without having to hire new employees? Due diligence in VAT is a time-consuming task. Accounting departments know perfectly well that the only effective way is to quickly verify the VAT contractor, which would be done automatically. Unfortunately, Polish White List of VAT payers is not currently developed to meet the needs of large companies that verify thousands of entities a day and want to do it quickly and without forced interruptions.

With Data Integrator you can check hundreds of bank account numbers of Poland based companies or tax identification numbers at one time in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can check the VAT status for any date in the past for hundreds of NIP or bank account numbers. This solution will allow you to save time and human resources, as well as avoid fines and sanctions.

Try the White List module in Data Integrator

Make sure you have access to the company data provided by the List of VAT Payers of Poland. The White List is the only reliable source of data about your contractors' bank account numbers and information about their current and historical VAT status. Reduce business risk in your organization and check what opportunities the Data Integrator data platform offers. We provide access to the platform both on the website and via API.