API Financial reports

Financial statements of Polish companies from eKRS

Gain access to the financial reports of Polish companies and all financial documents from the Polish National Court Register, eKRS. Our API is fully available for your risk assessment, KYC, KYB compliance and controlling departments. We guarantee secure access to financial data of Polish companies, which works even when the electronic National Court Register (eKRS) run by the Ministry of Justice of Poland has temporary interruptions in operation or does not return results as quickly as it should.

Financial statements of Polish companies aggregated from the electronic National Court Register of Poland

Financial statements of Polish companies are some of the most important, openly available business reports in Poland. They allow for comprehensive verification of the contractor - wise management of business risk and accurate assessment of their creditworthiness. Credit risk management and financial controlling departments know their value for the organization very well.

Our API for business guarantees that all financial documents submitted to the National Court Register of Poland will be immediately available to your analysts directly in the internal software. As a renowned supplier of registration data and a member of ZPF (Association of Financial Companies in Poland), we ensure full security and SLA.

Polish companies that are required to submit financial statements

Via the API Financial reports, we provide all documents submitted by Polish companies to the eKRS portal. Under the law in Poland, this obligation applies to:

  • Spółki z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (limited liability companies)
  • Spółki partnerskie (partnership companies)
  • Spółki jawne (general partnerships)
  • Spółki komandytowe (limited partnerships)
  • Spółka komandytowo-akcyjne (limited joint-stock partnerships)
  • Associations
  • Foundations
  • Branches of foreign entrepreneurs operating in the territory of Poland

API Financial reports from Transparent Data is a modern solution that makes the analysis of financial data faster and more effective. Analysts are able to assess the credibility of more customers. They do not have to search the original KRS source and wait for the documents to be downloaded.

What data does the Transparent Data API Financial reports return?

API Financial reports from Transparent Data returns all financial documents of Polish enterprises contained in the electronic National Court Register KRS.

Data returned in API Financial reports:

  • original financial statements available in XLSX for all Polish entities that have submitted reports in accordance with applicable regulations in XML
  • standardised basic Polish company financial data in JSON
  • zip archive containing the original financial statement (XLSX, DOC, PDF, TXT) + additional documents (a.o. Annual Activity Report, Auditor’s opinion, reports on the activities of the parent entity, resolution on distribution of profit or coverage of loss) in the format in which the entity submitted them

Our database is updated on an ongoing basis, hence it includes the latest, most up-to-date financial statements for 2022, 2021 and earlier ones.

Thanks to the API Financial reports of Polish companies, you will be able to conveniently analyze, among others: information such as the company's balance sheet or profit and loss statement. The most important sections of this type of documents include:

  • Assets and liabilities
  • Net revenues from sales
  • Operating costs
  • Current company profits from the last accounting period
  • The amount of long-term and short-term liabilities
  • The total amount of subsidies received by the company
  • Changes in capital

Benefits from API Financial reports of Polish companies by Transparent Data

The API Financial reports offered by our data software house is a reliable source of data from the eKRS database, which allows you to gain a more complete insight into the creditworthiness of Polish enterprises. Through quick 24/7 access, it reduces the time needed to search for information, allowing financial and credit analysts to make key decisions faster and create better, more complex risk assessment algorithms. All this without leaving organizational applications and software, fully in accordance with compliance and data protection policy.

Convenient JSON data formats make the analysis of financial statements of Polish companies take less time, which allows your organization to optimize complex processes and be able to serve a larger number of applicants in a shorter time.

Importantly, the API Financial Reports from Transparent Data also ensures business continuity even when financial documents are not being available in the original KRS at a given moment. Like any public commercial register, the eKRS search engine is not immune to operational errors and temporary lack of access.

Faster analysis of financial statements of Polish companies and better credit risk management

Thanks to our expertise in RegTech and data software, the automation of credit risk management processes can go even one step further. Beyond the API Financial Reports itself, we can do much more for your organization:

  • Process financial data specifically, creating customized company reports
  • Integrate them with other data sources (internal or third-party)
  • Combine the data as indicated
  • Add an unlimited number of input/output APIs anywhere in the process
  • Build software or a risk assessment program using data from XML financial statements

Try API Financial reports of Polish companies by Transparent Data

The eKRS financial document viewer operated by the Ministry of Justice of Poland does not have an API. This means that there is no free way to quickly download large volumes of reports. If you want to download financial statements of Polish companies manually, you have to click through several screens, which of course takes time. eKRS has no SLA, no predictability, and often does not work. Our API for business is a stable and fast source of information about the financial condition of companies operating in Poland.

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