API Sanction Lists

For AML KYC procedures

Created for the AML API Sanctions lists by Transparent Data's is one of the biggest collections of sanctions on the data market. Sanctions of dozens of countries and organizations updated in real time will allow your company to perform the check in a few dozen seconds - that's how fast our business APIs are. To meet the well-known problems of AML risk assessment, we have created the possibility of narrowing the search results to the date of birth of the verified contractor.

One of the biggest collections of sanctions on the data market via API for business

Sanction lists are the name of lists containing information about persons, companies and entire countries on which sanctions have been imposed, which may limit or completely prevent the establishment of economic relations with these entities. There are a huge number of them. Moreover, the content of sanctions databases changes frequently.

Manually checking an entity or individual on each relevant sanctions list would take an enormous amount of time. There would also be a high risk of making a mistake or missing important data. This problem is solved by our Sanction Lists API, thanks to which AML contractor verification on several dozen lists is completely automated. No other business information provider from Poland offers such wide access to sanctions.

Possible scope of data returned via API Sanction lists by Transparent Data

Data to document the proper execution of the AML procedure is returned by our API in JSON format. Depending on the type of sanctions and source, these may be:

  • Name and surname or company name
  • Source (name of the sanctions list)
  • Details of entry into sanctions
  • Date from which the person or company has been on the sanctions list
  • Date of birth
  • Date of review

Important in AML sanctions of the EU, UN, UK, France, Belgium, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, USA, Canada, Argentina and many others

API Sanction lists by Transparent Data guarantees automatic checking of the entity's presence in the following sources:

  • EU: ‘Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the European Union’ (Sanctions EU)
  • EU: ‘Financial Sanctions Files’ (FSF)
  • EU: ‘EU Sanctions Map European Union’
  • UN: ‘Consolidated United Nations Security Council Sanctions List’ (UN Sanctions List)
  • UK: ‘Current List of designated persons, terrorism and terrorist financing’
  • UK: ‘UK Insolvency Disqualified Directors’
  • UK: ‘UK OFSI Consolidated List of Targets’
  • UK: ‘HR Treasury (HMT) Financial sanctions: Consolidated List of Targets (UK)’
  • USA: ‘OFAC Consolidated (non-SDN) List’
  • USA: ‘OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List (U.S. Treasury)’
  • USA: ‘OFAC Foreign Sanctions Evaders (FSE) List (U.S. Treasury)’
  • USA: ‘Sectoral Sanctions Identifications (SSI) List’
  • USA: ‘Palestinian Legislative Council (NS-PLC) list’
  • USA: ‘US BIS Denied Persons List’
  • USA: ‘US Trade Consolidated Screening List (CSL)’
  • USA: ‘The List of Foreign Financial Institutions Subject to Part 561 (the Part 561 List)’
  • USA: ‘Non-SDN Iranian Sanctions Act (NS-ISA) List’
  • USA: ‘List of Persons Identified as Blocked Solely Pursuant to Executive Order 13599 (the 13599 List)’
  • AR: ‘Argentine RePET’
  • AUS: ‘The Sanctions Consolidated List’
  • BL: ‘Consolidated List of the National Belgian List and of the List of European Sanctions’
  • BL: ‘Belgian Financial Sanctions’
  • CAN: ‘Canadian Listed Terrorist Entities’
  • CAN: ‘Canadian Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions’
  • CAN: ‘The Consolidated Canadian Autonomous Sanctions List’
  • CHE: ‘Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes’
  • FR: ‘French Freezing of Assets’
  • IL: ‘Israel Terrorists Organizations and Unauthorized Associations lists’
  • JP: ‘Japan Economic sanctions and list of eligible people’
  • KG: ‘Kyrgyz Nation List’
  • KZ: ‘Kazakh Terror Financing list’
  • PL: ‘Polish list of sanctioned persons and entities’
  • RUS: ‘Rosfinmonitoring WMD-related entities’
  • SIN: ‘Singapore Targeted Financial Sanctions’
  • UA: ‘Ukraine National Security Sanctions’
  • UA: ‘Ukraine SFMS Blacklist’
  • UA: ‘Ukraine NABC Sanctions Tracker’
  • ZA: ‘South African Targeted Financial Sanctions’

Accurate verification of the AML contractor on sanctions lists with results narrowed down to date of birth

Verification of contractors on sanctions lists is made easier in our API thanks to the ability to narrow search results by date of birth. We know perfectly well that there are people with the same name and surname, and with several dozen thousand records in the AML database, it is not difficult to obtain unclear results.

API Sanction Lists provides information on both general sanctions, which are also called diplomatic sanctions, and specific sanctions, which include, among others, arms embargo, travel bans for specific entities, asset freezes and economic sanctions (for instance, ban on import and export of specified goods). General sanctions concern, for example, the suspension of diplomatic relations with a given country. By choosing Transparent Data's API Sanction Lists, you will gain greater control over entity verification processes under AML procedures.

Created for the AML procedure, API Sanction lists is a cost-effective automation

Full automation of the AML procedure in the organization is necessary if the AML department is not to become a bottleneck and does not stop transactions or sales. A quick search of the database of current sanctions guarantees development and reduces the risk of financially painful penalties resulting from the AML Act. API Sanction lists will eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming processes and accelerate risk management in line with compliance.

Which companies must verify sanctions? The need to check potential contractors on sanction lists applies to entities obliged to implement AML procedures under the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, primarily financial institutions. Companies that establish economic relations with foreign enterprises also check the sanctions lists, so they check whether any sanctions have been imposed on their contractors in the form of a ban on the import or export of specified goods.

Try API Sanction lists by Transparent Data

Improve the work of your company's AML departments by automating contractor verification processes on sanction lists. Thanks to the Sanction Lists API from Transparent Data, you can quickly verify the entity and receive information about the sanctions imposed on it. This modern RegTech solution allows you to ensure full security while saving time and human resources.

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