Data software services

Are you thinking about building a web application or data platform, but you don't know how much such an IT project may cost or how long it will take to build it? Do you have an idea for a new software system for risk assessment or an improvement of the current version, but you want to confront it with the knowledge of IT professionals? We perfectly know the problems faced by business data providers when working with data sources, we know what the verification of contractors is all about and at the same time we have a solid technological background. Benefit on professional data software services.

We are a specialized Data Software House

For over a decade, we have been creating our own risk assessment data platforms, building APIs and aggregating data from various difficult sources. When you come to us, you can be sure that we will transparently advise on the project and effectively automate the process, improving the final quality of data.

Pre-development services

Before you commission the final project to a selected company, come to us to validate your idea. We offer consultancy workshops on software solutions and the construction of a clickable MVP prototype.

Software & Web development services

We will create a Proof of Concept (PoC) for you, and then a full data platform, web or desktop application supporting reliable information analysis.

Data services

As a provider of economic information, we are experts in data mining, data parsing, validation and data cleansing. We can also build website crawlers, monitoring bots and relational databases for you.

We are a leader in data software services in Poland

By choosing data software house Transparent Data to work with, you bet on strong technological competences and excellent knowledge of the business information market. We perfectly understand the specifics of working with data. Discovering patterns, regularities and rules in data sets or data classification is the know-how that other technology companies do not have.

We operate in the following technologies

  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • Symfony

  • JavaScript

  • Vue.js

  • MySQL

  • Redis

  • ElasticSearch

  • RabbitMQ

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Google Cloud Platform

We drive data software solutions for various organizations

Read the case studies of projects that our data software house has completed for our clients

  • LegalTech data platform Beck KRS

    Case study
  • Business information reports that required 60 APIs to be built

    Case study
  • Parsing tabular data from PDF

    Case study
  • Extracting data from financial statements

    Case study

Our pre-development services equals reliable IT consulting combined with Proof of Concept implementation

What you will gain and take back to the organization are:

  • Advisory workshops attended by experienced programmers dealing with data aggregation from various sources, business process automation, building microservices architecture, web and desktop applications and APIs on a daily basis
  • Validation of an idea for a data software project, i.e. confirmation that a given application has value for business
  • A final report containing a list of tasks to be performed when building the application along with recommendations for the use of specific solutions and technologies (i.e. an IT brief for the project), estimated implementation time and total cost
  • A clickable prototype, thanks to which it will be easier to create an MVP

What does the pre-development data software service look like in practice?

  • You describe your software idea to us, presenting not only the concept, but also describing the business needs and key goals of the project. Thanks to this, even before the workshop, our developers conduct an initial analysis of the challenge, preparing for the meeting.

  • Together we set the date for the IT workshop. It takes place at the headquarters of our data software house in Poznań.

  • During the one-day workshops, we thoroughly analyze the entire data software project and help to define the individual functionalities of the application - issues of data download and management, system architecture, final tasks for the contractor.

  • In the event of a complex IT project, we organize additional meeting to clarify the details. It allows us to create a comprehensive plan of programming tasks for the construction of MVP.

  • We build a clickable prototype of the application (so-called Proof of Concept - PoC), which is made available to you.

  • We prepare a report in which the application development plan is described in detail - a list of necessary tasks and requirements, recommendations regarding the most effective technologies -, the estimated time to create a solution and the cost of developing the entire data software.

We solve business problems with data software and access to economic information

KYC KYB process automation, creating dedicated APIs, obtaining and integrating data from existing systems - not every organization has the appropriate IT resources for it. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and data software know-how. If you want to improve your process or build a new tool based on data, we will be an adequate partner for you in the conversation. You don't have to explain your product to us from scratch - we know perfectly well the commercial registers and the specifics of working with data.

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