Polish sole proprietorships from CEIDG register

Your KYC KYB compliance departments need a stable CEIDG API to check Polish sole proprietorships on an ongoing basis and quickly make key decisions? Or maybe data from the CEIDG register will be useful directly in your system to optimize the work of purchasing and sales departments? As a technological company information provider, we offer current data from the Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej CEIDG on all entities in Poland.

Verify Polish sole proprietorships via CEIDG API

The Central Registration and Information on Business (Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej, in short CEIDG) is the official register of all sole proprietorships in Poland. It is also a data source where you can find partners of civil partnership companies and verify the status of their business activities. The CEIDG API created for business by our RegTech company allows you to download a CEIDG statement about any active and historical Polish sole proprietorship, providing fast, unlimited access to data.

Company information from the CEIDG register supports KYC KYB and compliance verification processes, increasing the accuracy of decisions to assess the contractor's credibility and the overall security of enterprises operating in the B2B sector.

By choosing the fast API CEIDG from Transparent Data, you will enable your organization to automatically download and update data on Polish business activities without time-consuming copying of the necessary information.

What company data does the API CEIDG return?

Thanks to the API CEIDG you will obtain complete up-to-date information about each sole proprietorship registered by the Polish Central Registration and Information on Business. Data returned in API CEIDG:

  • full extract from CEIDG in pdf
  • full registration company data from current company profile in CEIDG database in JSON

With us, CEIDG API integration is quick - we provide full support in the implementation of the solution, cooperation with your programming supplier, as well as agile technical support throughout the duration of the contract. We also offer IT consulting that will help you better use registration data from the CEIDG API in your specific internal processes.

Examples of company information sent by the Transparent Data API CEIDG include:

  • Full name of a sole proprietorship
  • Name, surname and nationality of the owner
  • NIP number and REGON number
  • Business activity status
  • Registered office and correspondence address
  • Date of commencement of business activity, its suspension, resumption, deletion from CEIDG
  • Main PKD
  • Telephone and fax number
  • E-mail adress
  • Company website
  • Information about permissions
  • Information about the ban on conducting business activity (with details)
  • Information on whether a civil partnership was established in the name of the owner (NIP and REGON number of the civil partnership)
  • Information about community of property
  • Information about attorneys/proxies

What are the benefits of the API CEIDG?

API CEIDG by Transparent Data is a solution that enables the transfer of the most actual company data about sole proprietorships directly to internal systems. In this way, your business software is instantly enriched with reliable, always up-to-date information to support your daily duties. Let your employees focus on real thinking tasks instead of searching and collecting data. Access to the CEIDG API is an investment that can start the digital transformation of your analysis, controlling and compliance departments.

The benefits of connecting to the API CEIDG include:

  • Higher work efficiency with lower human resources
  • Reduction of costs related to data acquisition
  • Security of service continuity even when the CEIDG register is not working or limits the entity search engine
  • Reducing to zero errors that result from manually entering data into your system
  • Improving the collection of documentation in KYC KYB compliance processes by downloading CEIDG statements in PDF
  • Access to large amounts of company data that you can download in JSON format at any time
  • More accurate business risk assessment
  • Significantly faster verification of the Polish contractor in CEIDG

Automation of business processes thanks to API CEIDG saves time

Sole proprietorships are the most popular forms of running a business in Poland. There are over 6 million people entered in the CEIDG register, of which almost 2.5 million are active. However, manual verification of the company in the registry database is a monotonous and very time-consuming task. It has absolutely no point in large enterprises that focus on efficiency and work optimization.

The API CEIDG offered by our data software house is used by many organizations from various industries - finance, leasing, energy and FMCG. Polish company information obtained in this way speeds up decisions about loans, contract terms and often the cooperation itself.

Try the CEIDG API from the company data provider from Poland, Transparent Data

Automation of business processes using company information significantly facilitates the work of KYC KYB compliance departments. Speed ​​up decision-making processes in your company and ensure high quality of processed data thanks to the CEIDG API. Tell us how many sole proprietorships you plan to verify per month, plus or minus, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Provide your organisation the most reliable data on Polish sole proprietorships