API Consumer bankruptcy Poland

Information from Court and Commercial Gazette MSiG

Automate the process of monitoring people in the Polish Court and Commercial Gazette MSiG. Transparent Data's Consumer Bankruptcy API causes that the very next day - without the effort and manual work of your employees - you will find out that your contractor from Poland has declared consumer bankruptcy. You will also verify whether the potential client already has it. Thanks to this KYC information, your organization will be able to immediately take appropriate steps to change the contract.

Access KYC data from Polish Court and Commercial Gazette MSiG

API Consumer Bankruptcy Poland prepared by Transparent Data provides KYC information consistent with the current database of consumer bankruptcy announcements of the Polish Court and Commercial Gazette (Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy, MSiG). This modern solution for risk assessment departments allows you to stay up to date with announced consumer bankruptcies in Poland and avoid establishing cooperation with an insolvent person. MSiG is issued every business day in the form of a letter in PDF format. Our API parses the content of these issues, returning bankruptcy information in a parsing-friendly JSON format.

As part of API Consumer Bankruptcy Poland, your organization will gain:

  • Automatic monitoring of consumer bankruptcies in MSiG, used to track whether Polish client has become insolvent
  • Possibility of verifying current or potential clients from Poland in terms of having a consumer bankruptcy already announced in MSiG (i.e. automatic search of all issues of MSiG for bankruptcy of a natural person and, if a result is found, downloading the content of the official court announcement)

What data does the Transparent Data’s API Consumer Bankruptcy Poland return from MSiG?

API Consumer bankruptcy allows you to download consumer bankruptcy content from the Court and Commercial Gazette (MSiG) in JSON format. Among these KYC data you will find the original content of MSiG announcements, containing information such as:

  • Reference numbers and legal sections of consumer bankruptcy
  • Information about the jurisdiction of the court
  • Name and contact details of the bankruptcy trustee
  • Data of the Judge Commissioner of the SSR
  • Summons to the bankrupt's creditors

Polish consumer bankruptcies can be searched for in MSiG in three ways

As a Consumer Bankruptcy API user, you can search for people who have declared personal bankruptcy in Poland using 3 different parameters:

  • PESEL number
  • KRS number
  • Searching for data (e.g. name and surname) in the full text of the MSiG announcement.

How does our consumer bankruptcy monitoring work?

Establishing a new consumer bankruptcy monitoring system at MSiG is not complicated via our API:

  • The user adds a list of PESEL numbers to create a new monitoring
  • Selects the mode of sending notifications about Polish consumer bankruptcies - daily or after each change in MSiG register
  • Provides the e-mail address to which notifications about changes regarding monitored entities are to be sent
  • As part of the service, you can create any number of lists of monitored people.

If a given PESEL number appears in the list of notices of consumer bankruptcies in MSiG, the Transparent Data system will send a notification to the indicated e-mail address, which will contain the full content of the original court announcement publicated in MSiG register.

Our consumer bankruptcies database is updated every business day after the entry is published by MSiG. Therefore, it ensures 100% up-to-date data, so needed by risk departments.

By choosing the MSiG monitoring API, you will effortlessly learn about every consumer bankruptcy in Poland, new and historic

Every day, several dozen new Polish consumer bankruptcy notices appear in MSiG. In addition, there are 100,000+ records that have already been announced by the Court and Commercial Gazette in its PDF editions. Manual verification of consumer bankruptcies in MSiG is therefore a big problem.

The API Consumer Bankruptcy Poland allows the user to add a list of people who will be regularly checked for declared personal bankruptcy. A specialized algorithm developed by Transparent Data will search the content of each new and historical MSiG letter and will send the user a notification when the consumer is found on the list of consumer bankruptcies.

What will you gain by automating the process with the API Consumer Bankruptcy Poland?

  • Access to current and historical data on hundreds of thousands of private persons directly from MSiG Gazette
  • Thorough KYC control of the contractor portfolio without the risk of human oversights
  • Accelerating your organization's response to customer problems

Try API Consumer Bankruptcy Poland from Transparent Data

API Consumer bankruptcy accelerates Polish customer verification processes in terms of consumer bankruptcy announced in MSiG. It relieves the KYC KYB compliance departments of their daily work and allows them to correctly and quickly verify a B2C client. Consumer Bankruptcy API is an excellent tool supporting portfolio control. Make sure that the Court and Commercial Gazette of Poland is verified every day by a precise algorithm, not your employees.

Lack of knowledge that the client has declared consumer bankruptcy may have a negative impact on your company